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Read about what our CFO Ryan Wilson said in Deal-Maker Magazine!

Brokers who share ample background data with lenders facilitate and expedite the processing of a deal. “Having started my career in equipment finance in 1997, repeat customers are a constant,” Ryan Wilson, partner and CFO of Titan Capital Funding in Huntington Beach, CA, says. “We find it’s important to pay close attention to customer feedback and make them part of the request in terms of deal structure. We highlight the company’s background, history and strengths up front in order to limit the back and forth that sometimes happens with a lending partner. Precious time is saved when we can work together to define exactly who we’re arranging the transaction for early in the process.”

Wilson also emphasized being present for the customer. “As simple as it sounds, it’s a big differentiator to take a call after hours,” he says. “Texts, emails and web portals all have their place on the communication spectrum, but not all businesses are open from eight to five. Nothing beats a conversation, whether it be with our funding partner or the customer at his or her direction.”


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