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What to expect after form submittal.

-Once you submit a form one of our lending experts will reach out via email to discuss your inquiry and assist you in getting the proper financing solution.

-Depending on the information provided we may need to ask additional questions to assure we can provide the proper options specific to you.

-In most cases depending on the information provided we can move forward to obtaining approval without additional questions.

-In order to obtain approval and provide an option for rates and terms. We'll usually only require our

one-page application, 3 months bank statement, along with the equipment quote


-You'll be provided our one-page application by one of our experts or you can download it here. -> 

-Regardless of the form you submit, once one of our lending experts emails you. You'll be able to arrange a phone with them anytime at your convenience.

-Depending on the inquire, our experts may reach out to you via call as well in addition to the email.


Why lease instead of buy?​

Leasing leaves capital available for other expenses while still allowing you access to needed equipment. Also, leasing allows flexibility for your businesses short term and long term needs.

Can anyone lease?

Yes! We provide each client with the ability to select the leasing program best suited to you. Whether this is your first time leasing or your 100th, we will take you through the process step by step.

What is your Approval Process?

Our approval process is quick and easy. Applications are processed within a few hours whether you apply online or with a member of our staff. 

Is there any application fee?

No, our no-fee option allows clients to apply completely free with no up-front fees.

What will my rate be?

Rates vary and are determined mainly by time in business, credit score, and age +cost of equipment.

What information is required for approval?

For businesses showing 2+ years in business. We'll usually only require our one-page application along with 3 months bank statement +the equipment quote.

Mark Thompson, CA

"We recently financed with Titan Capital and were really impressed with the level of customer service that we received, they will be my go-to choice for any future equipment financing needs. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy equipment financing company."

Titan Capital Funding

Direct Lender

With over 28+ years of experience in the field, we’re committed to delivering superior customer service along with the best financing solutions to help your business succeed.

If you have any questions please contact us here:

Whether you fill out our apply form or contact form, one of our lending experts will reach out to you to assist with any questions or arrange a call anytime at your convenience. 

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